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What types of patients does Dr. Selmi see?

  • Adults

  • Adolescents

  • Children

  • Families

  • Behavioral problem with Children

  • Separated families

  • Divorced families

  • Children experiencing divorce of parents

  • Children alienated from parents

  • Sexual abuse

  • Domestic abuse

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Cancer Survivors

Do you offer free consultations?

Dr. Selmi is always willing to speak with a prospective new patient and provide suggestions as to what may assist the patient.  In this brief contact, it is understood that this is not considered "treatment."  Provision of treatment must include signed informed consent.

What is your new patient procedure?

You may call Dr. Selmi's office and the procedure will be explained.  Or, if you choose, you may link into the patient portal and request an appointment.  Dr. Selmi will reply to your request.  Prior to initiating treatment, Dr. Selmi's office will send a number of documents for you to complete and return to the office before your first scheduled appointment.  If you have any questions at any time, please call or leave and e-mail for Dr. Selmi.

Does Dr. Selmi accept insurance?

Yes.  Dr. Selmi accepts insurance and as a courtesy to you, will file claims.  Dr. Selmi is also listed in some PPOs.  During the time that coverage is being verified and obtains any needed authorization, the patient is reponsible for the fee associated with the service.  The fees are found elsewhere on this site.

What is the cost of treatment?

The cost depends on the service.  For example, an initial appointment is 90 minutes and the fee is $125.00.  All follow-up sessions are 50 minutes at the fee of $75.00.  There are other services such as consultations, court testimony, and document preparation that are explained in the service agreements.

What if I can't afford to pay for services?

Dr. Selmi is willing to discuss your situation.  Sometimes, Dr. Selmi will accept a sliding scale but sometimes may have to refer the patient for services elsewhere.

What is your new patient procedure?

You can request an appointment by calling the office at (815) 213-7669, link into the Patient Portal through the website, or leave an e-mail on the website.  If you would like to ask Dr. Selmi a few questions before you decide to make an appointment, please call the office and leave a message.  Dr. Selmi will return your call within 24 business hours.

If you decide to schedule an appointment, Dr. Selmi will send you the requisite paperwork  through the Patient Portal.  Complete the paperwork prior to attending your first appointment.  You can scan and e-mail it back, mail it, or place it in a manilla evelope and drop it off at the office a day prior to your appointment. Note that the exterior door into the office building is locked at 5 PM.

The first appointment ism scheduled for 90 minutes and follow-up appointments are 50 minutes.

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